Why Would I Need a Car Accident Attorney?


Why Would I Need a Car Accident Attorney?

Following a car accident, you are likely concerned about a number of expenses now awaiting you as a result of this incident. These costs include the physical damages to your vehicle, medical bills for you and your passengers’ injuries, as well as your insurance expenses, which are sure to rise. Knowing all of this, you may be wondering why you should even enlist in the help of a Texarkana personal injury attorney, as legal counsel, care, and representation will be yet another expense. However, our legal team at The Potter Law Firm believes a car accident attorney is exactly what you need during this difficult time.

The following are important reasons you may need a car accident attorney, including but not limited to:

  • You will get unbiased, informed legal advice regarding any aspect of the car accident process–including how to deal with the other party, as well as the insurance companies involved
  • The investigative process will be much more seamless, as you will have a professional on your side to accurately document your injuries so you are compensated fairly
  • Most car accidents are settled out of court, but not all, in which case you will need a trusted Texarkana personal injury lawyer to advocate on your behalf in front of a judge or jury

The negotiation process is crucial following a car accident, especially if your case is not making it to trial. You want to avoid an undervaluation or overvaluation of your claim, as neither will be beneficial to the situation.


Potter & Marks Attorneys at Law is led by Texarkana personal injury lawyers with the experience, energy, and resources to guide you throughout the legal process following a car accident. Our trusted legal team will prioritize your best interests above all else, seeking to obtain the compensation you deserve. We work tirelessly to resolve you case as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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